Connecting people, connecting you.

Arbalist Networks is based out of Tecumseh, Ontario from there we serve the SouthWestern Ontario region. We specialize in Computer Networking and Networking Infrastructure.

Our services include:

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Who We Are

Arbalist Networks started in August of 2018, Derrick Salden and Erik Dolgos founded the company with a vision of a local I.T. company who was for the businesses who may not have a direct need for an internal I.T. department but still needed the support. As the idea evolved and became more of a possibility, we added on to the vision with additional services such as our wiring and data backups. Eventually Arbalist Networks became what it is today, an ever evolving company with teamwork and professionalism at the forefront.


Our Philosophy

Customers build the business, the business doesn't build the customers. At Arbalist Networks, we prioritize building customer trust. We don't want you to let just anyone inside your business, building a working relationship and building a lasting relationship with both businesses and the people behind them is something Arbalist Networks values highly.

Thank you for considering Arbalist Networks!